Welcome to Lifestyle.Boulevard!

This blog will help to document my fitness journey, keep up my motivation to better myself, and hopefully inspire others to do the same for themselves!



I will be trying different workout challenges, routines, suggestions, etc., to see how they work for me, and will document my success, challenges and body changes (inside and outside).



Any interesting and relevant health tips that I find , I will test for myself and see how my body reacts. I hope to find some great tips for my skin, hair, nails, etc.



Any food recipes I find (that I think would be great for my fitness journey), try and love, will be posted under my Food section. If they’re from another site or a recipe book, the credit will beĀ given at the bottom of the post!


Positive vibes & encouragement are welcome at all times!

If anyone has any great suggestions of challenges or recipes they think I should try, please feel free to send me an e-mail with your idea!