30 Day Ab Challenge

I’ve decided to start my new fitness lifestyle by trying out this 30 Day Ab Challenge. The particular one I’m using is from Fitness Magazine’s website. It comes with a detailed photo of your daily routines, plus a video for each week’s particular set. The link will be posted below!

I was getting pretty sick of feeling down about my body (inside and outside), and in the middle of the night, I finally decided I was going to start doing something about it! The next morning came, and my search began. I figured trying to strengthen my core first would be the best, as it would help me obtain my other goals.

This is the 30 Day schedule I’m using.

30 Day Ab Challenge

Here are my statistics and measurements for the start of my 30 Days:

  • Date: Monday, February 1st, 2016
  • Height: 5ft. 2in.
  • Weight: 130.6lbs.
  • Measurements:
    • Hips: 35 1/2″
    • Waist: 31″
    • Butt: 37 1/2″
    • Chest: 35″
    • Arms:
      • Left: 11″
      • Right: 11″
    • Thighs:
      • Left: 19″
      • Right: 19″


As a Mother to two small children, trying to find time for myself is a constant struggle. Between time with the kids, my Husband, cooking, cleaning, work, etc., having any spare time for myself is short. I chose this challenge to start off due to the fact it’s only a few short minutes each day, and wouldn’t really interfere with any of my daily activities.

I plan to eat a bit healthier than usual, while also eating some of the foods I usually eat, in moderation, of course! I plan on gradually increasing the amount of healthy food I’m taking in throughout this challenge. With how my lifestyle is currently, I don’t want to create too much of a shock on my body right off the bat.

I can’t wait to see/share all of my results with everyone!


Below is the link to the 30 Day Challenge from Fitness Magazine:



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