30 Day Ab Challenge – Week #2

I’ve just hit my halfway point for this challenge. 2 weeks down, 2 more to go! Some of the challenges seemed to be a bit tougher for me than I had anticipated, but I still managed to try my best and finish the week. My results weren’t as great as the previous week, but I’m still optimistic that my end result will be amazing!

Here is my Week #2 schedule, with a quick description of the workouts:

  1. 3 minute crush (1 set)
  2. 3 minute crush (1 set)
  3. HIIT tuck jumps (40 sec. on + 20 sec. off – 6 sets)
  4. 3 minute crush (2 sets, if possible)
  5. 3 minute crush (2 sets, if possible)
  6. Sprints (30 sec. full sprint + 75 sec. recovery – 6 sets)

The routine’s for the 3 minute crush, are:

  • Dead Bugs
    • Lay on your back, with your calves upright at a 90 degree angle, parallel to the ground. Start with your arms reaching up towards the ceiling.  Extend opposite arms and legs, keeping them off the ground. Return to the start position, and switch arms/legs.
  • Leg Drops
    • Lay on your back, and put both of your hands underneath your butt to support your back. Extend your legs straight up to the ceiling, and slowly lower them to the ground (stopping close to the ground, but not touching). Return your legs to the upright position and go again.
  • Alternate Toe Touches
    • Start off completely flat on the ground. Reach one arm and leg up to touch in the middle (opposites). Return back to the ground and do the same with the opposite arm/leg
  • Scissors
    • Lay on your back, and put both of your hands underneath your butt to support your back. Do alternating kicks towards the ceiling, never letting your legs touch the ground.


***Posted below will be my results and thoughts for the week!

week 2

I found this week to be a lot more difficult than the first. I have some underlying issues with my back , and the Leg Drops and Scissors were a bit tougher to do. I was only able to get to 30 seconds (instead of the full 45 seconds), so that I wouldn’t hurt myself and cause any tears. I’m hoping that once I’m able to strengthen up my back a bit more, I’ll be able to do these routine’s with ease.

**My back issues will be discussed further in another post once I complete my back strengthening exercises.

After doing the HIIT exercise this week, I’ve gained a lot more respect for anyone able to fully complete HIIT training on a regular basis. My body is not used to that level of constant cardio, making me feeling a bit dizzy with a pounding heart in between sets. Yes, I understand it’s supposed to get your heart pumping more, I’m just personally not quite there yet. It will take some more practice!

If I had to pick a favourite routine this week, it would definitely have to be the Dead Bugs. They didn’t pull me in any wrong directions, and I could feel a wonderful burn from my core. I love being able to feel when something is working for me, it helps to give me a big boost of confidence!


**Here are my stats/measurements from the end of week #2:


  • Date: Sunday, February 14th, 2016
  • Weight: 125.6lbs.
  • Measurements:
    • Hips: 35″
    • Waist: 29 1/2″
    • Butt: 37″
    • Chest: 34 1/4″
    • Arms:
      • Left: 11 1/2″
      • Right: 11 1/2″
    • Thighs:
      • Left: 19 3/4″
      • Right: 20


Since the beginning of my challenge, I have lost 5 pounds. That doesn’t sound like much, but for myself, and for only putting in two weeks worth of work (not even doing long exercises), I’m pretty happy and amazed with myself so far. Some of my measurements didn’t change at all this week, but the couple that did I’m happy about. My thighs are gaining more muscle tone to them, and I lost 1 more inch off of my waist.

I can’t wait to see how the next week goes!!


***Here is a quick link to this week’s exercises, along with a great video demonstrating how to do them properly!




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